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    Full AAHRPP Accreditation June 15, 2007, Re-Accreditation June 15, 2010
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March 2014
Both Principal Investigators and Study Coordinators will now receive eIRB email notifications noting study status updates. If you would like to receive email notifications, list your role as "study coordinator" in addition to your actual role.
January 2014
At the December 16th Meeting of the IRB the Board voted to update the SOPs and change the policy on expired studies as follows:

Administrative Closure:  The IRB will administratively close any study that is expired for more than thirty (30) days.  This research study would no longer be approved and could not continue to be conducted without submission of a new application by the investigator.

If a continuing review submission is not received reviewed and approved within thirty (30) days of the expiration date, the IRB Chair or designee will issue a letter to the investigator to inform them that the expired study has been closed and archived by the IRB Office and that in order for the research to continue, a new protocol must be submitted to the IRB for consideration. The letter will be copied to the appropriate MHS Department Chair.

All instances of lapsed approval will be reviewed as non-compliance (MHS IRB SOPs on Non-compliance will apply) and reported to and reviewed by the IRB Chair or Vice-Chair. Multiple instances of lapsed approval by an investigator will warrant review by the convened board. 



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